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Arts-based Therapy

I provide therapy to children and young people aged 3 to 19 in a well-equipped room in central Cambridge, using both talking therapy and suitable arts materials. These include sand trays, puppets, paints, clay or whatever a child finds the most helpful way to explore, manage and transform their difficulties.  

It may be possible (or necessary) to have sessions online and these are provided via Zoom with the understanding that they will take place in confidential spaces and use the same talking and arts-based techniques.  It is often hard to find the words to express feelings that might be confusing and distressing. However, working with the arts allows both young and old a natural and safe means of doing so, helping to build greater emotional resilience.  


Disordered eating


Family breakdown


Sleep issues



Exam stress








Many of these difficulties are deep-seated and multi-faceted, so cannot be 'fixed' in 1 or 2 sessions.  I therefore aim to work longer term, with the aims and length of therapy agreed with parents and the young person.

Children and young people are supported with a range of difficulties, including:

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