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One-to-one Therapy Sessions

Therapy sessions take place at the same time weekly and are 50 minutes long, generally during term time.  I usually offer sessions on Tuesdays, Wednesdays or Thursdays, but a different day, frequency of therapy and holiday provision may be possible by special arrangement.  Sessions are generally in person, but may be online, also by arrangement.


​Referrals for therapy generally come from parents or carers, but I also take them from schools and other agencies.  (I do not take referrals directly from children or young people, if under 18, but am happy to discuss with them how therapy might be accessed.​

Once a decision is made to pursue therapy, the process is as follows:


  • An initial meeting with the parent(s) - to get consent for the work and record keeping and to explore concerns and background information  (Consent is needed from all those with parental responsibility)

  • Assessment sessions - The first 3 or 4 therapy sessions establish trust and allow a further evaluation of the nature of the difficulties.

  • Parent reviews - I arrange a review with parent(s) after this assessment process and we confirm the therapy aims.  After which, we have regular reviews of progress.

  • Ending of therapy - A suitable ending time is agreed as a result of this ongoing review and feedback, at which point I have a final  meeting/call with parent(s) to pass on further observations, strategies and resources that might be helpful in the future

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