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Clinical Supervision

I have experience of supervising child therapy students, graduates and experienced practitioners both one-to-one and in groups. Supervisions take place in my room in central Cambridge or online by arrangement.


In my supervision, I aim to provide an open, supportive and collaborative approach to reflecting on a supervisee's clients.  Together we consider all aspects of the work to ensure professional, ethical, safe and effective practice is maintained.


The model of supervision I provide is an integrative one, which takes in all aspects of the work, based on the following:

  • IN THE ROOM: Clients presentation and activities, therapist's interventions, and the therapeutic relationship

  • IN THE WORLD: Reason for referral, client's history and situation, school and social contexts

  • IN THE PROCESS: Supervisee's context, placement/organisational requirements, supervisor's observations, theoretical background and safeguarding

My aim is to build on knowledge and competence and provide containment to help develop therapy practice.

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